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What products can be blown by the semi-automatic bottle blowing machine
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2019-11-27

What does a blow molding machine do?

Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd. professional manufacturers provide you with:

Blow molding machine is a kind of equipment for making plastic granules into hollow containers by blow molding process. The more common types include hollow extrusion blow molding machines using PP and PE, and PET, PC or PP molding twice. Injection stretch blow molding machine, and newly developed multi-layer hollow extrusion blow and stretch blow molding.

Most blow molding machines are still two-step blow molding machines, that is, plastic materials must be made into preforms before blowing. PET-based environmentally friendly plastics are commonly used today. Blow molding machine: After the liquid plastic is sprayed out, the plastic body is blown to a certain shape of the cavity using the wind blown by the machine, and then made into a product. This machine is called a blow molding machine. It is also a type of bottle blowing machine, that is, a hydraulic bottle blowing machine.

The tubular plastic parison obtained by extrusion or injection molding of thermoplastic resin is placed in a split mold while it is hot (or heated to a softened state). After the mold is closed, compressed air is passed into the parison to blow the plastic parison. It swells and clings to the inner wall of the mold. After cooling and demoulding, various hollow products are obtained.

Plastic hollow containers are widely used in beverage, medicine, cosmetics, food, and chemical industries due to their light weight, low price, and high safety. They have also attracted more manufacturers to choose plastic containers instead of glass containers. Today's plastics industry has advanced equipment, molds and materials all presented in front of it. New technologies and new applications are emerging endlessly, and the field of plastic hollow molding is also fruitful. With the worldwide soaring oil price, the price of plastic materials is also high, and the development of alternative products with low energy consumption and low quality materials is also one of the market trends.

Then you know what products the semi-automatic bottle blowing machine can blow?

The semi-automatic bottle blowing machine includes three parts: extrusion, mold clamping, cutting and tailing. It is suitable for various hollow bottles with PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) as the material. It is mainly suitable for fruit milk bottles, Blown bottles such as square baby bottles, popsicle ice bottles, jelly bottles, medicine bottles, pesticide bottles, veterinary medicine bottles, test tubes, Huoxiangzhengqi water bottles, eye drops bottles, various straws, and daily chemical bottles

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