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Tips for designing bottle cap molds
Edit:Taizhou Huangyan Yige Machinery Co., Ltd.   UpDate:2018-12-31

Beverage bottle cap molds are beverage bottle cap molds that we often use. The design of beverage bottle cap molds is related to the use of bottle caps, and the shape of bottle caps is also related to many problems. Let's take a look at some tips of bottle cap mold factory.
(1) Number of cavities of beverage bottle cap molds and how to place them:
The bottle cap is often used in packaging containers. It is required for large-scale production. It is more suitable to use a mold with multiple cavities. What we are considering now is the clamping force and injection volume of the injection molding machine and the bottle. The accuracy and economic issues between the mold parts of the cover are generally determined by the mold as 1 cavity and 10. The method for placing the cavity is a straight-line placement.
(2) Design of the pouring system in the mold of the beverage bottle cap:
The design of the pouring system in the beverage bottle cap mold is mainly based on the structure of the plastic part. The design of the mold is mainly designed as a three-plate point gate. The orientation of the gate is located in the center of the top part of the plastic part. The point gate can significantly improve the shear rate of the melt, and its melt viscosity is greatly reduced, which is very conducive to the filling of the mold. PE is sensitive to the shear rate of the melt, and can be used to As a packaging container, plastic parts have very high quality requirements on the appearance. The residual traces of the gates are relatively small, and the quality of the appearance of the plastic parts can be guaranteed. Automatic pull-off, which is very convenient to complete the production automation process of the product, thereby improving production efficiency and increasing economic efficiency. It uses the right and wrong balance pouring system, and the placement between the cavities is very compact. In addition, the size between the molds can be reduced, so that each cavity can be filled evenly.
(3) Cooling system for beverage bottle cap mold:
The cooling system of the beverage bottle cap mold is very important. The adjustment of the mold temperature will directly affect the quality of the product and the production efficiency.

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