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Automatic Bottle Blow Molding Machine
Automatic Bottle Blow Molding Machine

PET Carbonated Beverage Bottle Pesticide Bottle Mineral Water Bottle Cosmetic Bottle Hand Inserted Preform Automatic Wide Mouth Blowing Machine

Yigao Blow Molding Machine specializes in producing various semi-automatic and fully automatic blow molding machines

Adopting servo motor to drive the opening and closing mold and bottom mold linkage structure: high speed, high precision, stable, lightweight, energy saving,
Environmental effects.
The servo motor drives the stepping and stretching system, which greatly improves the blowing speed, flexibility and accuracy.
High-pressure blow-up with air source recovery system (air source recovery rate can reach 30%), which can save 30kw / hour of power consumption, save the investment cost of purchasing low-pressure air compressors and save space, achieving energy saving and environmental protection effect.
The mold is positioned and installed, and the mold can be easily and quickly replaced in half an hour.
Human-machine interface control, simple operation, high degree of automation; small machine area, energy saving space


Plastic hollow containers are widely used in beverage, medicine, cosmetics, food and chemical industries due to their light weight, low price, and high safety. It has attracted more manufacturers to choose plastic containers instead of glass containers. Today's plastics industry has advanced equipment, molds and raw materials, all presented in front of it. New technologies and new applications are emerging endlessly, and the field of plastic hollow molding is also fruitful. With the world oil price soaring, the price of plastic raw materials for blow molds is also high, and the development of alternative products with low energy consumption and raw materials is also one of the market trends.